Throughout their 60-day session, lawmakers, especially prominent ones, have come under constant pressure to carry out DeSantis’ agenda. The phrase “this is Plaza’s bill” has suddenly appeared, referring to the first floor of the Capitol where DeSantis works, according to some people involved in the situation who spoke to POLITICO.

Another indication is the amount of out-of-state and now foreign travel that DeSantis has planned, including trips to Israel and, it appears, Asia. Before the pandemic, this governor didn’t travel much outside of the state. These continuous appearances—to promote the book and his “Florida Blueprint”—won’t be curtailed. The exact reverse occurs: the number of options increases.

Other initiatives are being made at the Florida Republican Party and elsewhere, and the PAC backing a DeSantis run is continuing to intensify its efforts. People are lining up in large numbers in anticipation of an upcoming run.

It is true that the exact date for the start of a formal presidential campaign is still uncertain, with both May and June being possibilities. Since the federal election laws will then go into force, no official decision has yet been made.

But the key point is that DeSantis is on track to run for president, barring any last-minute surprises. Some even think that Trump’s team’s recent use of force against the governor is proof that they consider him to be a significant rival. Everyone seems to be going watch this game.

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