The New York Yankees’ disliking of Aaron Hicks has been extremely depressing. He recently missed another important deadline.

You have to feel bad for Aaron Hicks, even if you’re a New York Yankees fan. You have to assume that the change of scenery would benefit him if the team could just locate a team that would be willing to trade for him at a fair price. Some men simply cannot succeed in New York. He can’t be this awful, can he?

Look at what Joey Gallo has accomplished with the Minnesota Twins this season, for crying out loud!

Hicks has, at best, been a temporary component of the team’s plan of attack since the beginning of this season.

Aaron Hicks got passed at his own position by an unlikely player

Even when it looked like a string of injuries would give him more opportunities to play at his natural position, Hicks has been passed by. Giancarlo Stanton will be out for six weeks, and Harrison Bader still isn’t back from his injury.

That news, initially, appeared to be good for Hicks as an outfielder. It would create opportunities for him because the Yankees had no other players with solid outfield experience.

Instead, the team called up Oswald Cabrera to play thid and has relied on Isaiah Kiner-Falefa, who has now started nine games in the outfield, one more than Hicks, an outfielder by trade, has started this year. IKF, before this season, had not played a single outfield inning in his MLB career.