When a construction crew found a little animal at Canary Wharf, London, they were at a loss as to what sort of creature it was. The poor creature was covered in mud and bits of plastic and trapped at the bottom of a hole. Although the four-legged individual seemed like a puppy at first, its deplorable condition left the workers in doubt.

In the nick of time, the little guy’s rescuers came to collect him after his owners had the presence of mind to contact the Essex Wildlife Hospital. Because they work with wildlife, rescuers were baffled by his identity.

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Photo : South Essex Wildlife Hospital

A team of veterinary professionals carefully cleaned the tiny animal, and after a good scrubbing, its identity became clear. Much to their surprise, they had saved a four-month-old baby fox!

The construction crew appropriately named the little fox ‘Muddsey’, and hospital workers praised them for calling in the rescue.

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South Essex Wildlife Hospital

“It would have had a really terrible death if it hadn’t been found,” Su Schwar, who manages the clinic, said. “He was absolutely covered in muck and was absolutely terrified. We felt sorry for him because he was.”

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South Essex Wildlife Hospital

It’s wonderful how fast he recovered. We are delighted that this little fellow received the help he needed in time.