The Yankees are currently fourth in the fiercely competitive AL East after going 5-5 over their previous ten games. These team members are at fault.

The New York Yankees have lost five of their last ten games and are now fourth in the American League East. They only need a few more dreadful games to fall into last place in the division, below even the pitiful Boston Red Sox.

The American League East is a remarkably competitive division that very well may be decided at the very last minute. This group will have at least one really strong team that will miss the postseason. Probably more.

So which Yankees are primarily to blame now that that is said?

Aaron Hicks is to blame for the Yankees’ most recent losing streak.

Any group of Yankee castaways could use Aaron Hicks as a stand-in. Specifically, Isaiah Kiner-Falefa, but he is given some leeway because of his willingness to play almost any position. Josh Donaldson stays away from any fire and brimstone because he is hurt.

Hicks undoubtedly hopes to move on this season, and the Yankees are eager to deal him.

He continued where he left off the previous year this year: playing awfully. In his 28 at-bats, he has three hits. A player who is not an outfielder has passed him in the outfield.

When he decided he’s just done on Monday night, everything came to a head.